Camping is a one-of-a-kind experience that you can give to your kids. As much as it is fun, there are concerns attached to it. How will they sleep? How to keep them busy at the site? What will they eat? And how will they react to the change of place? With all legitimate concerns, I advise you to list down all the ‘must-have’ accessories and pack accordingly to ensure that your overnight adventure goes smoothly. In this blog, I’m putting out what I do and how I pack while taking my kids out for camping? And trust me on this, it gets even more happening and fun when you’re rightly prepared for it. So, keep aside your worries and start planning.

Before I get to the list, I would recommend you speak with your kids and prepare along with them for all the excitement. Ask them if there’s anything they necessarily want to carry on the trip. If the ages vary, try out a middle ground on a few things like toiletries, mattresses, etc.

1. Footwear

From your home to the camp until return, the right camping footwear is something that you can’t afford to ignore at all especially with kids. The footwear has to be according to the planned campsite and season but make sure, it is lightweight, easily wearable, airy, and comfortable for a long day.

2. Comfy Sleeping Mattress

A good night’s sleep is a game changer! It’s important to arrange the right kind of camping mattresses or sleeping bags for each individual. Don’t compromise on the space as it may leave your kids irritable and cranky for the next day. If your kids are grown-up teens, sleeping pads are the best thing to carry. And if you have a toddler along, try keeping a portable bassinet. If you feel you can tuck him/her with you in bed, go ahead.

3. Pre-Planned Food Items and Relevant Utensils

Food is the soul of any experience. This is why I plan the meals and pack the ingredients accordingly. I look out for delicious easy-to-cook recipes that make up to all of us. But what’s even more important is to have the right cooking utensils at the campsite. It brings great ease to the process and saves time. If you have a toddler to take, pack all the necessary food items for him/her separately – powder milk, canned baby food, cereals, fruits, etc.

4. Personal Care

This is one of the critical aspects that you must closely plan. From small things like handwash, toothpaste, brushes, bottle sterilizer, sanitizers, safety pins, and mosquito repellent, etc. to extremely important things like allergy medicines, rash creams, diapers, first-aid bandages, lingerie, pain killers – make sure you have it packed before last minute.

5. Portable Battery

Kids never forget to pack their handy video games, night lamps, torches, drones, Bluetooth speakers, and other small gadgets to outdoor expeditions. All of these items are required to be electronically charged. So, it better to calculate and carry a long-lasting portable battery to the site.

6. Spacious Family Tent

Count the number of people and arrange the tent of the right size. I would suggest you buy a good quality tent with moisture balance and air ventilation properties. Protection is also important so I prefer having side walls attached to it while sleeping at night.

7. Seating Arrangement

Having a bonfire, roasting marshmallows, and chanting songs together is a gold ritual that we all enjoy with our families. However, it can turn into a nightmare if your kids don’t get comfortable seating around the fire. Try foldable canvas chairs, they are lightweight, budget-friendly, and very portable.

8. Clothing

It is one of the foremost essentials that we all carry but it is important to keep it light and relevant. Try packing up in pairs with a pair of socks, inners, underwear, and seasonal jackets and lowers so you don’t have to dig in the luggage all the time and everything comes out handy.


Above are a few things that I precisely manage to carry to the campsite. One thing that I haven’t mentioned above is the baby belt; it helps your baby stay close to you while you are busy doing chores at the campsite. Other things like a portable generator, trekking and fishing gears, a CPAP machine, and a pop up canopy are always there in the list whether I set out to camp alone, with friends, or with my family. Prep well and enjoy a timeout with your kids, these are memories to keep forever!

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